Freebie Notes 3.54 for Windows 10


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Freebie Notes is a free, electronic notes to post their own notes on the desktop screen. It helps to organize tasks and is very useful for working in the office (at the computer). It was a feature reminiscent of important meetings or activities that we perform on a given day. The Freebie Notes create electronic notes (in the form of stickers) that recall anywhere on the desktop. Allows you to create an unlimited number of cards. Users can post important information in it, or save any upcoming events. When you create a note, we can write any text, set an alarm using the wizard, which will determine any mode of call - the exact time or enable automatic alerts you each time you start your computer. The program has also to change the graphical theme (skin) of the program, and also has an option with the turn on visual effects and transparency in the resulting note. The application also allows you to change the font, its size and location. It also supports keyboard shortcuts and additional sound schemes, like the execution of activities.